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The Bugle’s Echo

The Bugle’s Echo “Tradition survives because it fills a need—it is a link between the generations”—page vii “Sports meant more to Techmen that other institutions”—page X This work is a compilation of volumes that cover certain years of VT Student Life.  The first volume focuses on the early years of settling Blacksburg and the institution […]

Muscular Christianity Analysis

Muscular Christianity:  Manhood and Sports in Protestant America, 1880-1920, by Clifford Putney Thesis:  Muscular Christianity is based on fear:  fears of effeminacy, fears, of non-Christians, fears of nonwhites, and fears of female leadership. Argument:  Putney argues that white men’s fears of women, immigrants, blacks, and other minorities drove them to create their own understandings of […]

Book Reviews: Manliness and Civilization

Manliness and Civilization—3 Reviewers Kevin White– am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, where I have worked since 2003. My major role is as Course Leader for the Access Course in Higher Education. I teach History, European Studies, American Studies, Sociology, and Study Skills on the course. I have previously taught at the […]

Book Review Analysis: The Manly Art

The Manly Art—3 Reviewers Stephen Hardy—Professor of History at Robert Morris College.  American History, Sports History, Relationship of Masculinity and Sports history.  JAH reviewer. Alan Tomlinson—He is currently Head of Research in the Chelsea School, University of Brighton. My teaching focuses predominantly on the social history of sport, sociology and cultural studies, and he supervises […]

Book Reviews Analysis: Manhood in America

Manhood in America—3 Reviewers Gail Bederman– A.M. and Ph.D. from Brown University (1992).  Gender, women’s history, and the history of sexuality; gender studies; interdisciplinary studies of sexuality and morality.  Gail Bederman is an associate professor of history and of gender studies at the University of Notre Dame. An award-winning teacher, she specializes in the history […]

Analysis: Manhood in America, Michael Kimmel

I chose to read Michael Kimmel’s Manhood in America because it is more about American men in general, than about men and their relationship to sports, class, gender, or race.  It is one of the most cited, most recognized histories of American masculinity since gender history became a discipline about 4 decades ago. Thesis:  Kimmel […]

University Archives

I made a trip to the Virginia Tech Special Collections this week to find out more about what they have to help my research.  I devoted most of my time to looking at the University Archives where I found pertinent information in a number of record groups.  Record group 1 houses the VT Board of […]