The Bugle’s Echo

The Bugle’s Echo

“Tradition survives because it fills a need—it is a link between the generations”—page vii

“Sports meant more to Techmen that other institutions”—page X

This work is a compilation of volumes that cover certain years of VT Student Life.  The first volume focuses on the early years of settling Blacksburg and the institution and moves in the early 1890s.  The first 3-4 volumes will be important to my research in terms of time period from 1890 to 1920.  The books talk about student life on campus, most specifically about Corps of Cadets life, but tell generally about all student life.  It talks about  the administration and their desires for certain types of students in Blacksburg, it discusses the first students of VAMC, the duties of the students and teachers, details life of the most influential students and faculty members, and shows how both groups interacted in the early years of the institutions.  The second half of the first volume focuses more on sports as a means to expend energy so it was put to good use instead of being pent up and creating mischievous boys on campus.  The administration and the students believed in competition, and sought intercollegiate competition in order to create a hierarchy of schools in the area.  The better you were at sports, the better your school was and the better men you attracted.

Generally, the books detail cadet life, sports on campus, general student life, administration relations, campus constructions and changes, growth of the university, relations with the village and town of Blacksburg, relations with nearby women’s colleges and schools, and more.


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  1. I semi-finished processing the collection of Col. Temple’s papers before I left Tech. Not sure if the finding aid is up yet because someone still needed to go through all the photographs, but if you ask Kira about it in Special Collections she could probs let you look through it in its not completed form. (Col. Temple Papers, Ms1988-039)

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