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Digital Archives and Data Management Proposal

When looking for data management systems to help me create a digital archive of all of my research, primary sources, photos, transcripts, etc., I am looking for something that is user-friendly because I am not intensely comfortable with computers and even less comfortable with web-design.  I am also looking for something that can be easily […]

New Historiography

In the last third of the 20th century the men’s movement began with men seeking their place in the fabric of society.  Historians and scholars have striven to provide them with answers to some of their most pressing and often asked questions; what is manhood? Why is it important? How has masculinity changed throughout American […]

Website Analysis

Apparently it is very difficult to create sports history websites without them being directly correlated with a physical exhibit in a museum somewhere, so here are a few pretty awesome sites I found that are just that.  The Pro Football Hall of Fame is a museum setting in Canton, Ohio, but their website offers a […]

The Virginia Tech–newspaper

This week’s primary research was spent in the microfilm lab where I was looking through The Virginia Tech, the student newspaper at VPI.  I have made it through about 8 years of newspaper, scanning and saving to a flash drive the pages that are important.  I usually skim through a few years of microfilm at […]

Secret Rituals—Book Review Synthesis

Clyde Griffen:  formerly Lucy Maynard Salmon Professor, taught American history at Vassar from 1957 to 1992. He earned his B.A. with Honors in History from the University of Iowa and his M.A. and Ph.D., under Richard Hofstadter, from Columbia University.  At Vassar, Professor Griffen’s teaching interests shifted in the 1960s and 70s to social and […]

Secret Rituals and Manhood in Victorian America by Mark C. Carnes

  Thesis:  “This book argues that fraternal ritual provided solace and psychological guidance during young men’s troubled passage to manhood in Victorian America.  Women’s historians have shown that gender distinctions pervaded nearly all aspects of life; thus manhood entailed the acquisition of a wide range of roles and statuses.  Fraternal rituals accordingly took on many […]

Bibliography Additions

I have added a few new sources that I have found in my preliminary research.  Most of these have to do student life on campus and web design.  I have begun thinking about how to design my website and have found a couple books to help me learn to the coding and the aesthetics of […]