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The Week Ahead:

My thesis adviser and I have decided that I should write down my research plans for each week so that we are the same page and know what to expect.  I think this will also help to keep me honest about how much I have done each week, help me move through my research by providing me with a checklist for each week, and give me a better idea of where to look for certain notes because they will be directly after each of these posts.

This week: (07/09/12–07/15/12)

Read and write Analysis blog for Campus Life, by Helen Horowitz

book review synthesis for Campus Life

complete and submit application for internship with Journal of East Tennessee History

Read through volume II of The Bugle’s Echo after I have finished volume I

Meet with Ryan Speer about VT Special Collections digitization project and details of using Omeka within VTSC

Analyze  speaker nominations and choose speakers for Bertoti 2013 in collaboration with Heather Lennon and Dr. Jones

Continue working with test site in order to become more familiar with site’s capabilities and attempt to install Omeka

Spend remaining time in microfilm lab with The Virginia Tech, The Montgomery Messenger, The Roanoke Times, etc.


This looks like a mighty busy week for me, but I’ve got to play catch up after only reading one book last week, although it was a fascinating, incredibly helpful book that will shape parts of my research and influence my final product immensely.


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