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The Week Ahead: 08/09/12–08/16/12

I plan to spend a minimum of 15 hours in VT Special Collections finishing the President papers for Eggleston and Barringer and a last look through McBryde.  If I have time left, I will use it going through Board of Visitors papers or Athletic Association papers.

Thursday:  I will start this week by backing up my system and research, checking my WordPress site for functionality and practice altering the WP design.

Friday:  Special Collections work as well as Learning Technologies WordPress practice

Saturday:  Virginia Tech Land-Grant Univeristy 1872-1997 by Peter Wallenstein completed with review and analysis

Sunday:  HGSA officer meeting with Heather Lennon followed web design practice

Monday:  Bertoti Meeting with Heather Lennon, Alison Vick, Dr. Kathy Jones, and Linda Fountaine followed by Special Collections work

Tuesday:  Special Collections work and proposal work.  Focus on literature review

Wednesday:  College Football by John Watterson completed with review and analysis and book review synthesis.  Followed by literature review work and Special Collections

Thursday:  Meeting with Dale once more followed by literature review work




Note to self:  Don’t forget to live life and love wife


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