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WordPress redesign practice

In the last week I have practiced redesigning and customizing a wordpress blog site.  I have taken the basic site with the regular design template and changed it to a darker site, with a gray background that matched turn of the 20th century VPI cadet uniforms, with text in the traditional maroon school color.  I also have added a picture into the header.  I can also create a list of pictures that would scroll through to display different aspects of VAMC and VPI football and student culture.



I have also removed the sidebars and WordPress symbols to make the site look more different than it is and to streamline the site better.
I’ve spent some time in the page source and style editor of the site and I think I am beginning to understand the backend of the site.  WordPress streamlines their code with easy CSS that are basically just copy and paste items.  The brackets can be easily copied and placed on any other page, or taken out if you would like the pages to be different.

Aside from the visual changes that I have made, I have also worked on creating static pages that would have different parts of the written product on it.  WordPress’ normal homepage is the blog site, but I think that a static page with a broad overview of the site is more important and practical as the homepage.  I have reset the homepage to be one of these static pages.  I thought the blog would be better on a different page, especially since I’m not really sure how I’m going to use the blog function.  I’m still working on getting a page to redirect to the Omeka page automatically instead of having to click a link to get to the Omeka page.  I’m not sure how I’ll handle that, but I feel much more comfortable with the wordpress design changes and my ability to make necessary changes.

With that said, three of my four parts progressed this week, even though they all didn’t move as much as I had hoped.  I read Dr. Wallenstein’s book this week and wrote a short review about my findings and how I could use the book.  I read Watterson’s College Football and am working on the analysis and book review synthesis that should be ready in the next day or so.  I also spent a few hours in VTSC, although not as much as I wanted and without much success.  I began to compile the parts of my lit review and will be ready to write as soon as I finish Watterson’s analysis and stuff.  That should begin this weekend.  The only thing that didn’t progress much at all is the digital archive bit.


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