Ryan Nolan is currently a Masters student at Virginia Tech.  He hails from a small Texas town called Cleveland where much of his and his wife’s family still reside.  After graduating with honors from Cleveland High School, he attended The University of Texas–Dallas for two years before finishing the bulk of his Bachelors Degree in History at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.  Throughout high school and college, Ryan continuously worked full-time to support himself and off set student loans.  He learned a great deal of skills during that time from manual labor to an office environment, and from food preparation to teaching.  When Ryan graduated from Baylor University in 2010, he quickly married his long-time love and fiance, Ashli Dougherty.  He then moved the pair of them to Blacksburg, Virginia to pursue a Masters Degree in History with a focus in Public History at Virginia Tech, where he will be the first Virginia Tech History Masters student to attain the newly minted Certificate for Public History.  He currently resides in Blacksburg, VA with his wife and dog, Lexie, while he continues to pursue his degree before finding work in the field of Public History, or Higher Education.

This site came into being first through a class in Digital History but will continue to grow as my personal website and will feature posts on interesting history topics, particularly those that are related to my research, or simple things that I have recently found interesting and want to share with other people.  Thanks for visiting, and keep coming back.