Historiography Writing Group Analysis

On Wednesday my committee and I discussed that my writing needs improvement, especially my historiography section.  Both Dale and Dr. Jones said that my historiography is too descriptive and linear, almost like a list of books that are not related.  Together we decided that I need to focus more on creating a web of scholarly […]


In the past week I have been working on the literature review for my thesis proposal and it should be done in another week.  I have ordered about 20 books through ILL and most of them have come in and I have gone through them for useful information, but I’m still waiting on some of […]

WordPress redesign practice

In the last week I have practiced redesigning and customizing a wordpress blog site.  I have taken the basic site with the regular design template and changed it to a darker site, with a gray background that matched turn of the 20th century VPI cadet uniforms, with text in the traditional maroon school color.  I […]

Proposal deadlines

Here is an email I got a few minutes ago from Dr. Jones, director of History Graduate Students at Virginia Tech, to remind me that my thesis proposal will be due very soon!  EEEEEKKKK!!!!!!   Dear Thesis Writers, I hope your summer has been filled with much research and many insights about your thesis topic!! […]

Virginia Tech Land-Grant University by Peter Wallenstein

Peter Wallenstein’s Virginia Tech Land-Grant University, 1872-1997:  History of a School, a State, a Nation provides a good introduction to the establishment of land-grant institutions through the Morrill Act of 1862 and their continued presence and growth through the Hatch Act of 1887 and the Morrill Act of 1890.  Wallenstein emphasizes federal legislation as the […]

The Week Ahead: 08/09/12–08/16/12

I plan to spend a minimum of 15 hours in VT Special Collections finishing the President papers for Eggleston and Barringer and a last look through McBryde.  If I have time left, I will use it going through Board of Visitors papers or Athletic Association papers. Thursday:  I will start this week by backing up […]

Papers of John McLaren McBryde, RG 2/5, Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.

Known as the “father of VPI,” McBryde was the first president to have a relatively free hand in developing the academic program, selecting associates, formulating policies, and planning the physical plant of the College. Major accomplishments of his administration included: establishing position of Dean in 1903-04 to aid in administration duties; reorganizing the curriculum and […]