Fun things

Proposal deadlines

Here is an email I got a few minutes ago from Dr. Jones, director of History Graduate Students at Virginia Tech, to remind me that my thesis proposal will be due very soon!  EEEEEKKKK!!!!!!   Dear Thesis Writers, I hope your summer has been filled with much research and many insights about your thesis topic!! […]

The Week Ahead: 07/19–07/24

This week I am planning to return to heavy primary document research.  I’m on my way to Special Collections at Virginia Tech today and tomorrow to blast through a couple of boxes of University Archive papers.  Here is my checklist for the week:   Friday:  Meeting with Ryan Speer about VTSC digitization, use of Omeka, […]

Bertoti Conference Organizers

So I’ve been reading a lot of articles from Grad Hacker, a site that brings up a lot of issues that humanities graduate students go through, and gives some ideas of how to cope and deal with the stress while in school.  This article is for the incoming first years who will be planning the […]

Check this out!!

Ok guys, so today I found a new website called Citelighter that allows you to highlight and cut directly from websites, make notes on those cuttings, manage tons of different clippings into separate project folders, and all the while create citations for each piece of information!!  You’ve got to check it out!

Are you not entertained?!!

So today I read Gail Bederman’s Manliness and Civilization in which she shows how various figures in history have used the term civilization to further their own ends and promote their specific groups as the epitome of civilization.  Later in the week I will give you a much more in-depth review of Bederman’s book. However, […]