Virginia Tech History Master’s Thesis Proposal

A Virginia Tech Master’s Thesis Proposal is comprised primarily of 3 parts: Narrative: including the historical question, thesis or focus statement (answer), significance of research, literature review, and personal review of the above. Historical Question—What are you writing about?  What significant questions are you asking and how does your topic address the question? Thesis or […]

The Week Ahead:

My thesis adviser and I have decided that I should write down my research plans for each week so that we are the same page and know what to expect.  I think this will also help to keep me honest about how much I have done each week, help me move through my research by […]

Bibliography Additions

I have added a few new sources that I have found in my preliminary research.  Most of these have to do student life on campus and web design.  I have begun thinking about how to design my website and have found a couple books to help me learn to the coding and the aesthetics of […]

Brief Historiography–Bederman, Gorn, Kimmel, and Putney

Kimmel, Gorn, and Bederman all use the same definition of gender, but Gorn calls it masculinity.  They all basically say, “by gender I mean the sets of cultural meanings and prescriptions that each culture attaches to one’s biological sex.”(Kimmel 2)  That basically means that the idea of masculinity or femininity is merely a set of […]

Are you not entertained?!!

So today I read Gail Bederman’s Manliness and Civilization in which she shows how various figures in history have used the term civilization to further their own ends and promote their specific groups as the epitome of civilization.  Later in the week I will give you a much more in-depth review of Bederman’s book. However, […]

Source Materials

I am working on a project that looks at the origins of college football at public colleges and universities to find out how it was used to turn working class boys into ideal, nineteenth century, American men, so that I can better understand the ideals of masculinity, of the great majority of the American population, […]