Primary Sources

Papers of John McLaren McBryde, RG 2/5, Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.

Known as the “father of VPI,” McBryde was the first president to have a relatively free hand in developing the academic program, selecting associates, formulating policies, and planning the physical plant of the College. Major accomplishments of his administration included: establishing position of Dean in 1903-04 to aid in administration duties; reorganizing the curriculum and […]

Special Collections Digitization Report

In a recent meeting with the Virginia Tech Special Collections Digitization Specialist, Ryan Speer, we began to work out a game plan for digitizing materials from Special Collections and using Omeka through the library account.  We first discussed my source base, which include much of the VT University Archives housed at VTSC.  Together we decided […]

The Virginia Tech–newspaper

This week’s primary research was spent in the microfilm lab where I was looking through The Virginia Tech, the student newspaper at VPI.  I have made it through about 8 years of newspaper, scanning and saving to a flash drive the pages that are important.  I usually skim through a few years of microfilm at […]

The Bugle’s Echo

The Bugle’s Echo “Tradition survives because it fills a need—it is a link between the generations”—page vii “Sports meant more to Techmen that other institutions”—page X This work is a compilation of volumes that cover certain years of VT Student Life.  The first volume focuses on the early years of settling Blacksburg and the institution […]

University Archives

I made a trip to the Virginia Tech Special Collections this week to find out more about what they have to help my research.  I devoted most of my time to looking at the University Archives where I found pertinent information in a number of record groups.  Record group 1 houses the VT Board of […]