Websites and Blogs

The Virginia Tech Public History Program Website was created in Spring 2012 and showcases the Public History program at Virginia Tech.  I was the audio and visual editor at the time the website was created and helped created the website along with a few other graduate students originally as a project for a class we had at the time.  This website contains not only a tremendous amount of information about Public History in general and the program at Virginia Tech in particular, but also numerous Public History projects created by students and faculty.

Virginia Tech Digital History Blog – I was a contributor to this blog in the Spring of 2012.  This blog was created out of a Digital History class and it discusses many of the projects we worked on and some of the books and articles we read.

Hist 5414: Environmental History Blog – I was also a contributed to this blog in the Spring of 2012.  This is another blog that was born out of a class at Virginia Tech.  This blog contains roundtable discussions of books and articles on Environmental History.  As part of this class I created my own blog and this blog has been syndicated and is part of the larger Environmental History Blog.

Video Projects

I directed and produced a promotional video, with the help of three of my colleagues throughout the process, about the Virginia Tech History Department and the Masters Degree Program specifically.  This video features shots around the Virginia Tech campus and the town of Blacksburg, and stars Dr. Mark V. Barrow Jr., Chair of the History Department; Stephen O’Hara, 2nd year Masters Student; and Alison Hight, VT Undergraduate and President of Phi Alpha Theta.

I was also a member of the three person team that created the Blacksburg Area video on the Virginia Tech Public History website.  This video features footage shot around Blacksburg and quotes from different students at Virginia Tech describing what they enjoy about living in the Blacksburg Area and is found on the program page (above link).

Digitization Projects

I have also worked on a few digital projects for the Special Collections department at Virginia Tech.  These include digitizing old architecture blueprints, transcribing oral histories, and editing and enhancing old photos from their collection. Due to copyright infringement laws, I cannot post directly to this website, but these and numerous other digitized historical documents can be found at the Virginia Tech Special Collections’ website.

During the Spring of 2012 I also used ArcGIS to create maps and metadata of the 1968 United States Congressional elections for New Jersey as part of larger digital database being worked on at Virginia Tech (a link to this larger collection will be added at a later time).  Included below is the map that I made.